Anoushey, Moroo and Eva zu Beck come out in support of Ukhano

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Friends of YouTuber Ukhano have come forward to defend him and urged people to hear his side of the story as well.

YouTuber Umer Khan has become the talking point on social media and has been trending on Twitter after several women came forward with allegations of sexual harassment against him.

As women shared screenshots of their alleged conversations with him in which he asked for bold pictures and sent unsolicited ones of himself, his friends Anoushey Ashraf, Moroo and Eva zu Beck have come forward to lend support to him.

Anoushey took to her Instagram and said that Ukhano had been a good friend to her and never made her feel uncomfortable.

“Only found him to be respectful, friendly and helpful each time,” she wrote. “No one is an advocate for rape, ever! These allegations are huge and so are the repercussions,” she added.

Eva zu Beck stated that she had never felt threatened by Ukhano when the two of them and some other friends had spent some quality time together.

“I can say from my own experience that I’ve always been able to rely on him as a friend and a supporter of women in the media industry,” she wrote.

Moroo urged people to hear the other side of the story, weight the evidence of the allegations and then decide.

He said that the outrage culture was silly.