We were the same forces with same budget on Feb 27: DG ISPR warns India

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The DG ISPR slammed India for trying to ‘spin’ Pakistan Army’s defence budget voluntary cut. He reminded India that it was the same Pakistani force which had downed an Indian MiG-21 Bison in response to the IAF’s intrusion into Pakistani airspace.

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“Indian fake media busy spinning on our internal def budgeting choice.Don’t forget,we were the same forces with same budget on 27 Feb 19. We have the capability & capacity to respond. Remember, it’s not budgeting, it’s resolve of force & the nation firmly standing behind its forces,” he tweeted.

Pakistan Army announced that it had made a voluntary cut to its defence budget keeping in mind the fragile state of the economy.

The armed forces’ move was appreciated by Prime Minister Imran Khan. The prime minister said that his government would use the money for development in the merged tribal area and Balochistan.