Video: Pakistani fan taunts Saif Ali Khan to his face

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MANCHESTER: A Pakistani cricket fan taunted Saif Ali Khan on Monday outside the Old Trafford stadium where the actor had arrived with his daughter to watch the game.

Bollywood actor Saif Ali Khan has earned ire from Pakistanis over the years. Saif starred in the movie ‘Phantom’ in which he plays an Indian who goes into Pakistan to carry out espionage.

The movie received quite a lot of hate from Pakistani fans and Saif Ali Khan was trolled as a result.

The actor showed up at the India-Pakistan clash in Manchester sporting an Indian team jersey.

A Pakistani fan chased Saif Ali Khan to the entrance of the stadium, taunting him on camera before he disappeared.

“Viewers, this is Saif Ali Khan who has killed many Pakistanis but only on film,” he said. “Thank you so much sir for gracing us with your presence,” he added before Saif disappears with his daughters inside the stadium.