Veena says women who defended her topless pics were ‘behaya’

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Pakistani actress Veena Malik tweeted a few days ago that women who defended her topless pictures in an Indian magazine a few years ago were ‘Behaya’ and ‘Begherat’.

Veena Malik is perhaps the most controversial personality in Pakistan. A few years ago, pictures of the actress’ topless shoot for an Indian magazine started doing the rounds on the internet.

It placed her in the center of a controversy as various people started to shame the actress. However, some female journos supported Veena by saying that she should not be slut-shamed.

Veena slammed journalist Asma Shirazi a few days ago on Twitter for cracking a joke on Twitter about the petrol hike.

In response, another female journalist, Javeria Siddiqui, urged Veena not to call out other women when they were the ones who had supported her during her divorce and her pictures scandal.

Not to be outdone, the actress shot back by saying that those women who defended her topless pictures were ‘behaya’ and ‘begherat’. Veena said that she walked away from such projects after receiving ‘hidayat’.

We’re not sure what to make of Veena’s comments. Will the actress continue taking jibes at other women or will she desist?