Veena Malik says trolls target her because she belongs to army family

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Veena Malik often goes vocal about people’s grievances in the country and again reiterated her stance in a social media post claiming she uses social media to expose corrupt mafia operating in Pakistan.

In a series of tweets, the actress shut down a mockery against her concerning assets, which resurfaced as prime minister Imran Khan warned citizens to declare their assets by June 30.

The actress exerted her aggression on Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) in a tweet for poking fun at her as an old video of Imran Khan mentioning a sexist joke about Veena started making rounds on social media.

“It’s 20 years since selected media is doing paid malicious campaigns running against me not because I am an Actress, not because I am courageous, not because I am beautiful. One Reason,” further claiming that she is being targetted because she belongs to army family.

She opened up in an emotional tweet, expressing how she took hatred as a tool to move forward on a positive note. “But For the First time since I have evolved, I felt like I’m doing something right or I’m thinking right when I see the support of those I offended the most. I have seen so much of Hatred that I find this love salubrious! Again. Thank You so much, Everyone, for standing up with Me,” she wrote.

“It’s 5 Years I fought many wars alone there was Only Allah SWT & His Help! Sheitan tempted me many times to Quit & get back to what I was I felt weak many times cause test was gruelling but every time Allah SWT helped me! I have a lot to share and I will Iwen World is ready to listen!”, she said in another tweet.

“Alhumdulilah I am a proud daughter of a proud Fauji…I quit my Entire Bollywood career just after 2 years and made changes into my life the reason was my family. My country and my people.
We all make mistakes but Alhumdulilah I quit way too soon before it was late,” she added.