Social media cries foul after Zartaj Gul’s sister is appointed NACTA director

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ISLAMABAD: Social media reacted angrily to news of Shabnam Gul’s appointment as NACTA director. She is the sister of state minister Zartaj Gul Wazir.

Social media hinted nepotism at play after it was announced that Zartaj Gul Wazir’s sister, Shabnam Gul, was appointed NACTA director by the government.

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A letter started doing the rounds on social media allegedly written by Zartaj Gul Wazir in which she asked the government to appoint her sister as the NACTA director.

Social media users were further enraged as media reports of Shabnam Gul being disqualified a few years ago by the Punjab University as a researcher on charges of plagiarism started trending.

According to a report in Dawn, Saeed Asad, a social welfare officer in the social welfare and women development department, Azad Jammu and Kashmir, complained to Punjab University that two researchers, Shabnam Gul and Andleeb Sabra of the Department of Kashmir Studies, University Oriental College, had plagiarised from his MA in Kashmiryat thesis.

The thesis by Asad was titled “K. H. Khursheed, life and services”. According to him, the two researches had also plagiarised material from his paper “Political parties of Kashmir” in their book “Tarikh-i-Kashmir-1947 to date”.

Punjab University investigated the matter and Shabnam Gul and the other researcher were both disqualified from teaching in future at Punjab University.

Shabnam Gul was also disqualified from her M.Phil studentship in Kashmiryat from Punjab University.

Here are some reactions on social media to Shabnam Gul’s appointment as NACTA director:-

NACTA clarified that Ms Gul had been appointed on merit and that the authority received a total of 12 requests from various employees of the federal and provincial government departments for posting in NACTA on deputation basis.