The word ‘selected’–it’s origin, background and synonyms…

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Since our lawmakers have been banned by the deputy speaker of the House from saying the word ‘selected’, here are some synonyms of the word that our lawmakers can use instead…

Let us first grasp a basic understanding of the word selected and where it originates from. Selected is an English word derived from the Latin word ‘Selectus’. The noun meaning “a selected person or thing, that which is choice” is recorded from c.1600. New England selectman first recorded 1640s.


PPP Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari should be credited for using the word which has now gained fame (or notoriety) both inside and outside the parliament. Bilawal said it in his maiden speech at the parliament when he referred to Imran Khan as the ‘Prime Minister-Select’.

Khan certainly didn’t catch Bilawal’s jibe as he could be seen thumping his desk when the Bhutto scion finished his speech.

Why is Khan referred to as ‘selected’ PM?

Prime Minister Imran Khan’s PTI emerged victorious after the general elections 2018. While Khan insists that his party formed the government after winning elections that were held in a transparent manner, opponents claim otherwise.

Political opponents of the PTI claim that the party or its leadership cut a deal with the powerful establishment or the powers-that-be to form the government.

Khan has been called ‘Ladla’ (the preferred one) and frequent references to his ‘umpire speech’ have been made in the past by opponents as taunts.

Speaker bans use of the word ‘Selected’

Deputy Speaker Qasim Suri banned the word ‘selected’ from the parliament. He said that each and every member of the parliament had been elected by the people of Pakistan hence to use ‘selected’ for them was an insult.

The ban was greeted with criticism and taunts by opposition benches. The news made international headlines and spawned for and against trends on Twitter.


Here are some synonyms of the word selected that our lawmakers may use against the prime minister, given that selected hasn’t been officially banned…

“Choose, pick, hand-pick, pick out, sort out, opted for, settle on, nominated, appointed, stipulated and favoured.”

However, our lawmakers must also note that one of the synonyms of the word ‘selected’ is ‘elected’. The question is–will they ‘select’ that one?