Sajal Aly expresses concern over Ahmed Shah & the battle for ratings

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Pakistani actress Sajal Aly expressed concern a few days ago on social media that the viral Pathan kid, Ahmed Shah, is being exploited for ratings by the media.

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Pakistani YouTuber Arsalan Naseer made a video on how Ahmed Shah, the viral Pathan kid, was being used by TV channels for ratings.

The video caught actress Sajal Aly’s attention who shared it on Instagram. She commended Arsalan for making the video and urged others to watch it as well.

“Guys please watch this video and WAKE UP. Thank you for making this video,” she wrote.

In the video, Arsalan points out how the child went viral.

“He was filmed without his consent or the consent of his parents and that video of him misbehaving went viral,” he said. “This is the concept in Pakistan–if you are good looking or cute, you can misbehave and everyone will find it cute,” he added.

Arsalan said that the boy was being used by media channels for ratings and on every channel, the hosts wanted Ahmed Shah to say something that went viral over the internet.

“However, he won’t say something because the environment around him is not natural,” he said. “He’s around camera, lights and a lot of make-up. This whole world is fake,” he added.