PPP mulls legal action against ban on use of word ‘selected’ for PM

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ISLAMABAD: The PPP leadership is mulling taking legal action against the speaker’s decision to ban the word ‘selected’ for Prime Minister Khan.

In an informal talk with reporters, former president Asif Ali Zardari said that the PPP would hold consultation with lawyers to see whether the government could impose a ban on the word ‘selected’.
“All parliamentarians must discuss this issue,” he said.

PPP leader Sherry Rehman said that the ban was evident that the word ‘selected’ used to taunt Prime Minister Khan had messed with his head.

“PPP Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari was the first person to use the word ‘selected’ for PM Imran. It is quite telling to see that this word has now become a part of Imran Khan’s identity; this single word sums up his political journey,” he said.

Sherry wondered that if the prime minister was not selected then why did the word haunt him so much. She said that the ban exposed Prime Minister Khan’s hypocrisy as he was clapping a while ago when the word ‘selected’ was used in the parliament.

“A while ago, he (Imran Khan) used to say thieves and dacoits openly to other parliamentarians. Now, he’s scared of the word ‘selected’,” she said.

Sherry said that Imran’s ‘selectors’ should have thought properly before helping elect him to office.
“If his selectors had helped him become Mianwali’s councillor, maybe Pakistan wouldn’t be in this condition,” she said.

She said that the members of the National Assembly were elected by the people and they would not tolerate insults. Sherry said that the people of Pakistan had the right to know that the prime minister was a ‘selected one’.