Afghan fan reportedly tries to attack Wahab, gets tackled by security

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The picture of a salty Afghanistan fan went viral on Saturday who tried to attack Wahab Riaz after Pakistan beat the Afghan cricket team to keep its semi-final hopes alive.

After Pakistan won the match against Afghanistan, an Afghan fan tried to attack Wahab Riaz. The picture shows him being tackled to the ground by an ICC official.

We’re not sure whether the fan wanted to attack Wahab or was just storming the ground, but people on Twitter claim that the anguished fan wanted to inflict harm on the right-arm pacer who played a crucial role in steering Pakistan to a thrilling victory over the Afghans.

Cricinfo reported that Afghanistan cricketer Nabi was accidentally tackled to the ground by an ICC security official. An Afghanistan cricketer got hit on the neck. Cricinfo reported that juice bottles were being thrown around by Pakistan and Afghanistan fans.