Sania Mirza tells Veena Malik to mind her own business

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Indian tennis ace Sania Mirza slammed Pakistani actress Veena Malik on Monday, telling her it was none of her and the world’s business how she took care of their child.

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Sania Mirza was responding to a tweet by Veena Malik. The actress had criticised Sania Mirza for bringing their child to Archie’s–a place where they serve junk food. The actress wondered whether the dinner outing had a negative effect on the fitness of the players.

“Sania, I am actually so worried for the kid. You guys took him to a sheesha place isn’t it Hazardious? Also as far as I know Archie’s is all about junk food which isn’t good for athletes/Boys. You must know well as you are mother and athlete yourself?” she tweeted.

Sania shot back at the actress, telling her it was none of the world’s and her business because she knew how to take care of her mother.

Sania tweeted in response that she was ‘not Pakistan cricket team’s dietician nor their mother or principal or teacher’.

“Veena,I hav not taken my kid to a sheesha place. Not that it’s any of your or the rest of the world’s business cause I think I care bout my son a lot more than anyone else does 🙂 secondly I am not Pakistan cricket team’s dietician nor am I their mother or principal or teacher,” she tweeted.

Pakistan cricket team were slammed for having dinner at a restaurant in England the night before their big game against India.

However, the PCB and other cricketers clarified that the dinner outing took place on Friday and not Saturday.
Sania Mirza also clarified that she did not take her child to the restaurant where the sheesha was being served. She also lashed out at the media for recording the video and sharing it without permission.