No one has approached me for NRO directly: PM Khan

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ISLAMABAD: No one has approached me for a National Reconciliation Ordinance (NRO) said Prime Minister Imran Khan, on Tuesday.

“I have not been approached directly for a NRO,” said Prime Minister Khan during a parliamentary meeting of the party at the Parliament House. “However, everyone knows I will not compromise on corruption cases and will hold everyone accountable.”

Prime Minister Khan held the meeting to discuss the Finance Bill in the parliament and how to get it passed. He urged parliamentarians to spread awareness among the people to pay taxes and reform the economy.

Khan said that he would not grant NRO even if his political rivals held an All Parties Conference (APC) or started a movement against the federal government.

He said that Pakistan was coming out of its economic crisis as the country had determined the economic direction it wanted to head in.

He said that passing the budget was a legal requirement hence all parliamentarians should be present in the session to have it approved.

Khan urged parliamentarians to inform the nation about who pushed the country to the current economic crisis it was in.