Naeem ul Haque hits out at ministers for promoting VIP culture

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ISLAMABAD: Special Assistant to the Prime Minister on Political Affairs, Naeemul Haque, on Saturday lashed out at ministers for promoting VIP culture.

Haque tweeted that ministers should refrain from using police squads. He claimed that some ministers were still promoting VIP culture which was against the prime minister’s directives.

“A large number of VIPs and Ministers are still promoting the VIP culture by having police squads accompany them everywhere. It is against the directives of the Prime Minister. Police squads are allowed to only those who face a real threat to their lives.This practice must stop,” he tweeted.

Prime Minister Imran Khan has spoken out against VIP protocol on more than one occasion. When he was an opposition leader, the PTI chairman used to lash out at ministers for using police squads at the government’s expense.