NA failed to hold substantial debate on budget: Shahid Khaqan Abbasi

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Member of National Assembly Shahid Khaqan Abbasi on Saturday expressed dissatisfaction that the House failed to hold substantial debate on the budget.

While opposing the supplementary budget, Abbasi said the new government has cooked up an economic disaster in ten months but there is a crucial need for substantial debate on the economic conditions the PTI-government further plans to regulate in the country.

Referring to Deputy Speaker Qasim Suri, the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) leader complained that the House did not provide the Opposition with enough time to discuss the budget.

“I do not understand the hurry, where else would the issues of the country be discussed if not in the parliament,” Khaqani raised.

He said the deputy speaker should have refused to rush into passing the bill and encouraged the Opposition parties to carry debates, instead, the House only granted PML-N with 3 speeches and winded up PPP with only 6 speeches.

At this, the deputy speaker of the House said he will provide the Assembly with details into the days and hours invested in speeches, adding that the House allowed the longest speeches in history.

Shahid Khaqan Abbasi said it would be cruel to if the issues of people and the country are not discussed in the House, adding that if part tenth of the time wasted on the frequent ruckus in the Assembly is invested in substantial debate it would arrive to some solution.

“If the House will run fairly, it will add to your honor as well as the House. Instead of three speeches, we should have been granted 30 speeches for constructive debate,” the PML-N leader added.

He told the deputy speaker to not count the budget discussions by days but count the time invested in substantial debate by the numbers of hours as well as the number of people allowed to speak.

Economy has never been as damaged. Instead of going in the past, I request that we encourage debate and ask members of the Assembly to present general motion.

The Deputy speaker assured that the detailed discussion on economic situation of the country in the next sessions.

-Supplementary Budget-

Abbasi criticised that the PTI-government has sought Rs20 million as supplementary grant for elections at a time when the nation is suffering due to inflation.

This budget will only only burden the nation with additional taxes. Instead of increasing the taxes, the government should influence increase in the income of the people.

On Friday, PML-N rejected the first federal budget presented by the incumbent government and termed it an “anti-people federal budget” put forth by the ruling party.

The National Assembly, however, went forward granting a formal approval to the federal budget for fiscal 2019-20 late Friday evening,