Kohli tells jeering fans to applaud Smith, wins the internet

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Indian skipper Virat Kohli won the internet on Sunday after he was captured on video asking fans to refrain from booing Steve Smith and applaud him instead.

After the Indian innings was over, a couple of Indian fans were booing Steve Smith. Kohli waved to the supporters to stop jeering at the former Aussie skipper and applaud him instead.

Smith has encountered more than a few boos since returning to the field after he was caught tampering the ball against South Africa. The former Australian skipper was banned for one year.

Kohli spoke about the incident and said that enough was enough.

“Look, I think what’s happened has happened like long (ago) – the guy is back, he’s trying to play well for his side,” he said.

“Even in the IPL I saw him, it’s not good to see someone down like that, to be honest. We’ve had issues in the past. We’ve had a few arguments on the field.

“But you don’t want to see a guy feeling that heat every time he goes out to play. What’s happened has happened. Everyone has known that. He’s come back. He’s worked hard. He’s playing well for his side now,” he added.

The internet was quite smitten with Kohli’s gesture for the Australian cricketer.