Karachi’s temperature soars to 42C as Cyclone Yavu looms in vicinity

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KARACHI: The change in direction of Cyclone Yavu has inflicted severe heatwave on Karachi residents, with the mercury rising as high as 42 degrees Centigrade.

The Pakistan Meteorological Department has forecast temperatures of 40 to 42 degrees Centigrade today, warning that the humidity levels may remain between 70 and 80%.

Given the discourse of the tropical cyclone, PMD has forecasted rain in Thatta and Badin.

The commissioner has warned people who do not remove billboards during this time that if an accident occurs, a case will be lodged against them.

A powerful cyclone that threatened the western Indian state of Gujarat, has changed course and it is now expected to just brush past the coast, authorities said on Thursday, although ports and coastal airports remained shut there.

Cyclone Vayu, with wind speeds equivalent to those of a Category 1 hurricane, is moving in a northwesterly direction skirting the Gujarat coast, Reuters quoted India’s weather department.

“The eye of the storm will not enter Gujarat, but still the coast will feel the impact,” said a weather department official.

The cyclone had been expected to hit the Gujarat coast, and officials called for more than 300,000 people to move out of low-lying areas and for airports to suspend operations.