Karachi has turned into Pakistan’s worst city: Justice Gulzar

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Karachi has deteriorated over the years and has turned into Pakistan’s worst city, said Justice Gulzar Ahmed, on Thursday.

The acting chief justice made these comments during proceedings of the Amal Umer death case.
The 10-year-old girl had been killed last year in Karachi due to an alleged encounter between police and dacoits.

The three-member bench expressed a lack of trust in the Sindh Government when the provincial government’s prosecutor said he wanted to present his point of view on the important case.

He wanted to draw the court’s attention to the provision of heavy weaponry to police.

“Sindh Government does not have any solution to any problem,” said Justice Gulzar. “So you don’t speak.”

The acting chief justice said that there was no government in Karachi. He said that with sorrow, he had to admit that Karachi had become the worst city of Pakistan.

The judge gave the example of a recent robbery where a man was robbed of Rs9 million in a crowded bazaar.

“Children in Karachi used to go to far places at first to play,” he said. “Now, children can’t even go outside their houses to play.”

He said that whatever progress the city had made had come to an end. He said that police officials took money and left the people of Karachi on their own.

The prosecutor said that police had admitted their mistake in the Amal case and that the hospital, police and regulators had been held responsible in the report.

He said that in light of Amal’s death, patrolling police had not been allowed to carry heavy weapons.
Hearing of the case has been adjourned till after summer holidays.