Justice Isa reference: No is above the law, says PM

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ISLAMABAD: The federal cabinet claimed on Monday that it would continue to pursue uniform justice for all as Prime Minister Khan said that no one was above the law.

President Alvi has sent a reference to the Supreme Judicial Conference (SJC) against senior judges. A reference against Justice Qazi Faez Isa on the basis that he had not disclosed offshore property in his wealth statement has provoked anger among lawyers and judges.

“The prime minister heard all complaints against the reference filed at the Supreme Judicial Council,” said Special Assistant to the Prime Minister on Information and Broadcasting, Firdous Ashiq Awan. “He said that nobody is above the law.”

She said that the law minister briefed the cabinet over the complaints against the reference. Awan regretted how the reference had become a matter of discussion in the media since the past few days.

She said that the PTI had contested and won elections on the promise of ‘one, not two Pakistan’ for everyone. She said that the law would come into force against anyone if that person was found to be operating outside the ambit of the law.

She said that the government would enforce the law against ‘any person in any department’. She said that the prime minister will not shut his eyes and compromise on any issue.

Awan said that the reference had been filed after verification and counter verification by the Assets Recovery Unit (ARU) of the Prime Minister’s Office had forwarded the complaints to the law ministry.

“The complaint had been ratified and verified by the UK land registry and notarized and endorsed by the High Commission of Pakistan in London.

She said that Prime Minister Khan had played a vital part in the restoration of deposed judges hence he wished to see an independent and impartial judicial system in the country.

Opposition parties and lawyers’ bodies condemned the government’s action to file the reference. The SCBA president has warned that lawyers across the country would shut courtrooms and protest against the decision of the government.