Is Ahmad Shahzad taking a dig at Sarfaraz XI with his work out video?

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Pakistani cricketer Ahmad Shahzad shared a video of his working out in the gym on Twitter, a few days after team Pakistan and Sarfaraz were criticised for their disappointing fitness.

Pakistan cricket team have been on the receiving end of much hatred after their loss to India. The team’s fitness has been questioned by fans and cricket enthusiasts.

Shoaib Akhtar had slammed Sarfaraz for being overweight while others were skeptical of the team’s night out two days before the match.

Ahmad Shahzad uploaded a video of himself working out while he wrote this as the caption: Life demands sacrifice on every step you take towards your goal!!

“It’s you who have to decide whether you going to close ur eyes to it or take it as another challenge. Love the poem which Ali is listening in the back ground. Eating sugar Hell No Mama,” he tweeted.

One is left to wonder–is Shahzad taking a dig at Sarfaraz XI?