Imran’s inefficiency has put country on brink of destruction: Nawaz

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LAHORE: Imran Khan’s inefficiency has put the country on the brink of destruction, said former premier Nawaz Sharif, on Thursday in response to Khan’s address to the nation.

The former prime minister made these remarks to PML-N workers and leaders. The party representatives had arrived to meet their leader in jail.

Nawaz lamented that no one was paying heed to the worsening situation of the country. He said that during the PML-N’s tenure, the dollar was stable while oil prices were also not high.

“The PML-N government stopped going to the IMF but the PTI government, despite its tall claims, is going back and forth to the money lender for funds,” he said.

Nawaz said that during his tenures, former Indian prime minister Vajpayee and even incumbent Indian premier Modi had visited Islamabad.

“Imran Khan was not even invited to Modi’s oath-taking ceremony,” he said.

Nawaz slammed the government for arresting Hamza Shehbaz and former president Asif Ali Zardari, claiming that action against them was ‘unjustified’.