Husain Haqqani sends legal notice to The Nation

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Former Pakistan’s ambassador to the United States, Husain Haqqani, sent a legal notice to Pakistani newspaper The Nation for ‘libelous comments’ in an article ran by the newspaper.

The legal notice was shared by Haqqani himself on Twitter. The former ambassafor took aim at the newspaper for running an article against him by a ‘Russian propagandist’.

“My lawyer today sent a legal notice to Pakistani newspaper @The_Nation for libelous comments about me in an article by a Russian propagandist,” he tweeted.

The legal notice calls upon the editor of The Nation and the publisher to apologise within 15 days for two opinion pieces that were printed in the newspaper.

In case the newspaper failed to apologise, the complainant has will sue the newspaper for Rs15 billion.

One of the two opinion pieces claimed that Haqqani had been found guilty in the Memogate. Another opinion piece claimed that the former ambassador is frequently invited to events sponsored by Indian spy agency R&AW.