Has Shah Rukh Khan decided to call it quits on his acting career?

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Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan has decided to take a break after his film ‘Zero’ bombed at the box office and failed to generate revenue.

According to the actor, he’s decided to take a break from shooting any more films for the time being as ‘his heart is not in it at the moment’.

“My heart doesn’t allow me to..” added Khan. “I just felt that I should rather take time out, watch films, listen to stories and read more books,” he added.

The Bollywood actor said that it was not only about taking time off but that he also wanted to spend more time with his family as his kids were growing up.

“Even my kids are in their college stage… my daughter is going to college and my son is about to finish his studies. So I just want to spend more time with my family.”

Shah Rukh said that it was normal for him to start working on another film when the one he was currently shooting for came to an end. But this time that was not the case as he had not signed any film.

“Usually what happens is when your one film is coming to an end, you begin work on your next film and I get involved within 3-4 months. But this time I am just not feeling like… My heart doesn’t allow me to,” he said.

Is Shah Rukh calling it quits after more than two decades of acting?