Gamers arrested for playing ‘PUBG’ in public

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India has imposed disciplinary restrictions on gamers who are found playing PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) in public spaces.

The widespread popularity of PUBG drove the Indian government to take stringent action against users founds playing the game in public space, said a report published on Monday, which narrated the arrest of four boys in the city of Ahmedabad for violating the ban.

Authorities said the game was a compelling distraction from school work and academics, which is the core reason behind the ban while some blame that the game encourages aggression and violence.

According to market analysis from Sensor Tower, this mobile version ostensibly made $65 million in March alone.

Separate arrests of 10 students were made after the ban was put in effect earlier in March.

On being spotted holding the phone horizontally in public spaces, cops assume that the person may be playing PUB. They are either let off with warnings or small fines, while some spend nights behind the bars.

However, the report further stresses on the individuals’ trauma behind being arrested which eventually led to suspension of the bans in April and May across Ahmedabad and Rajkot.