Father slapped me for dating a Muslim: Hrithik Roshan’s sister

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Bollywood actor Hrithik Roshan’s sister has come out against her family, claiming that her father slapped her for dating a Muslim and her brother doesn’t help.

The allegations were made by the actress in an interview to Pinkvilla. Sunaina Roshan said that her father slapped her when he found out she was dating a Muslim guy. According to her, Rakesh Roshan said that she could not date a ‘terrorist’.

Sunaina claimed that she encountered her boyfriend through Facebook but her family was not willing to accept him.

“Last year my father slapped me and told me that the guy I loved was a terrorist. If he was one, would he go scot-free and work in the media? Wouldn’t he have been behind bars? I met him through Facebook last year but I hadn’t saved his number as I didn’t want my parents to know,” she said.

Sunaina claimed that she did not know whether she wanted to get married to her boyfriend or not. However, Sunaina said that at the moment, she wanted to be with her boyfriend.

Sunaina lashed out at her brother as well, claiming that Hrithik had promised to help her out with an apartment but he had bailed on her.

She claimed that when she told her brother that the rent for an apartment she had picked out for herself was INR250,000 Hrithik said that it was too expensive for him.

“Is 2.5 lakhs rent too expensive for him? I don’t think so. He didn’t stick to his words. Everybody is harassing me today,” she said.

During the interview, she said that her parents gave her INR50,000 for the month and refused to give her more.

“Am I not entitled to have more money being a Roshan? Since a year back I wasn’t allowed any money but two days back, I asked my mom (Pinky) that I wanted a certain amount,” she said.

Sunaina said that she had reached out to Kangana Ranaut as she thought that they both were on the same page as far as ‘women power’ was concerned.

“I support Kangana all the way,” she had tweeted.