Corrupt should be tied to vehicle & dragged before being hanged: Vawda

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ISLAMABAD: Federal Minister for Water Resources, Faisal Vawda, ignited another controversy on Wednesday when he said that the corrupt should be dragged on the streets and then should be hanged.

“I said before that the corrupt should be hanged. I shouldn’t have said that. What I mean is that the corrupt should be tied to a vehicle and dragged on the streets before they are hanged,” he said during the parliament session.

This is not the first time that Vawda has made such a statement. He caused a social media uproar a few weeks ago when the federal minister said that the destiny of the nation could be changed for the better if 5,000 people are hanged.

“We need to hang 5,000 people and the destiny of our people will change,” he said.

When the anchor Hamid Mir commented that the corrupt could be hanged constitutionally, Vawda said that if that were to happen then the hangings would never take place.