Contestant slams Kubra Khan to her face for criticizing his singing

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A contestant on a dance show slammed Pakistani actress Kubra Khan, who was on the judges panel and had criticised his singing.

Bol TV’s dance show has been making headlines left, right and center. Hamza Ali Abbasi had schooled a girl on the show a few days ago for dancing to an item song.

Now, another controversy on the show has gone viral on the internet.

Pakistani actress Kubra Khan, who happens to be a judge on the show, critiqued a contestant who sang ‘Chaiyya Chaiyya’. Kubra was not impressed and she let him know.

“Did you come on the show to sing or do comedy?” she asked.

The actress then told the contestant that it seemed as if he was whispering too loudly.

“Had you sung a little more loudly, then you would have done a better job,” she said.

“Oh really? You think you can do a better job?” he told her.

Hamza then intervened and said that he was doing fine on an amateur level but the contestant needed to improve himself over time and then try again.

“But how can someone who doesn’t know how to sing criticise others?” asked the contestant, clearly taking a shot at Kubra.

“Okay, if this is going to be a debate then I don’t want to take part in it,” she said.