Cobbler pays Rs50,000 fine to retrieve shoes he made for PM Khan

Nooruddin Shinwari says he will give the footwear to PM Khan as an Eid gift

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ISLAMABAD: A day after the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Wildlife Department seized the snakeskin sandals made for Prime Minister Khan, the cobbler who made them got them back by paying Rs50,000 as fine, on Monday.

Nooruddin Shinwari, the famous Kaptaan Chappal maker, retrieved the shoes from the wildlife department after they seized it on Sunday.

The shoes were seized by the department after their pictures went viral on social media. The cobbler said he had paid the fine for the shoes and would present them to the prime minister.
“I have paid Rs50,000 fine for them and will present them to Prime Minister Khan as an Eid gift,” he said.

Sub Divisional Forest Officer Amir Ali spoke to a private news channel to confirm that the cobbler had paid the Rs50,000 fine.

He said that Shinwari was warned against using the skin of wildlife animals in the future to make footwear. He said that the cobbler did not have any documents to support his claim that the python leather was imported.

Nooruddin and his son claimed that the python leather was sent from the United States by a donor. The leather was sent for two pairs of shoes to be made–one for the donor and the other for Prime Minister Khan.

The Kaptaan Chappal made by Nooruddin became feverishly popular after he made a pair for Imran Khan and gave it to him as a wedding gift.