Yasir Hussain may have called Hania Amir an ‘attention seeker’

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The row between Hania Amir and Yasir Hussain may not be over anytime soon as the comedian indirectly lashed out at the actress, on Thursday.

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Yasir Hussain and Hania Amir have been at odds with each other since the past couple of days.
Now, the actor may have hit back at Hania by calling her an ‘attention seeker’ and blaming her for starting a social media war.

Yasir updated his Instagram story in which he said that any friend of his who had a problem with his joke should call him and scold him rather than try to start a social media war.

“Agar kabhi merey kisi dost ko meri koi baat ya joke bura lagey toh please mujhey foran call karein aur daante main post bhi foran utaar doonga,” he wrote.

It all started with a joke Yasir made about Hania’s skin condition.

Yasir was asked to describe Hania in one word. He responded by calling her ‘Danedaar’. Hania had, a few days ago, shared her struggle with acne in a lengthy Instagram post. The actress had slammed beauty standards and told women to be confident regardless of the condition of their skin.

Hania took to social media to slam Yasir, claiming that his joke was ‘inappropriate’ and nobody was laughing.

Many celebrities sided with Hania and slammed Yasir’s joke. Mahira Khan, Zara Noor Abbas, Asad Siddiqui, Asim Azhar and Asad Siddiqui praised Hania’s courage for speaking out on an important issue.

Following the controversy, Iqra Aziz, who is reportedly dating Yasir, unfollowed all the above mentioned celebs on Instagram except for Yasir.