It’s disgusting: Hania Amir tells off Yasir Hussain for crass joke

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Hania Amir just won Twitter by telling comedian Yasir Hussain to shut up on Instagram after he made fun of her acne.

Hania Amir was winning the internet after her recent interview. The actress posted about her acne in detail and how it made her insecure. However, Hania said that celebrities even go through trouble and she felt insecure but was strong enough to fight back.

“Nothing seemed to fix my skin and I had my night AND days of crying. Feeling insecure. Anxiety. Makeup wouldn’t help. I was a mess but I went through it and got out of it too,” she wrote in a lengthy Instagram post.

Hania said that she did not let her acne define her. The actress won the internet but Yasir Hussain had to spoil it all with a crass joke.

Yasir tried to make light of the situation by describing Hania Amir as ‘Daanedar’ in an Instagram post. However, the actress did not let that slide and called him out.

“Maaf kijiyega mere dost ko. Inko aj kal se inappropriate jokes maarnay ki aadat si hogai hai,” wrote Hania Amir, screenshotting Yasir Hussain’s joke.

Hania Amir then wote in an Instagram story that making fun of people’s insecurities was wrong on many levels. She said that it was not funny but disgusting.

“Don’t try and act cool by making someone feel bad about what they might consider a flaw. It’s disrespect. Not funny. Degrading is not funny. I’m not laughing. Nobody is,” she wrote.

Twitter wasn’t too happy with Yasir and in no time, the comedian started trending on the micro-blogging site.