Woman asks Danish Taimoor to apologise for fat shaming her on TV

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Pakistani actor and TV host Danish Taimoor sparked a controversy on social media after he fat shamed a woman on his Ramazan game show a few weeks ago.

Ramazan game shows and transmissions have always attracted controversy. Actor Danish Taimoor, who hosts a Ramazan game show on Bol TV, recently invited anger and wrath on social media for fat shaming a woman.

Danish selected a woman from the audience to play musical chairs. Throughout the game, he made fun of the woman’s weight.

At one point, Danish told another woman “tumhara poora wazan ink eek hath ke barabar hai”.

After the game finished and the lady won, he again made fun of her weight by referring to her as ‘aunty’. The actor called her aunty and made it known that he was doing so only on account of her weight.

“You can check my NIC, I’m not that old,” she said.

A few days later, the woman recorded a video message in which she asked Danish to apologise for body shaming her. She said that due to the way he had humiliated her, everyone was laughing at her. She thanked people for supporting her.

Bol TV again invited the woman to the game show and Danish spoke to her.

“Did you mind anything? I’m like your brother and you are like my sister. We laugh and have fun over here. Tell me, were you upset at me?” he asked her.

To which the lady responded, “Yes, I was a little upset. But I’m not now. I saw you and now I’m okay,” she said.

However, the woman uploaded another video and asked Danish to apologise.

“He didn’t even apologise for the way he insulted me,” she said. “He just said that you can take a rickshaw loaded with prizes home. I told him there is a thing such as respect. He did not apologise to me though,” she added.