This is how Kajol reacts if Ajay is caught staring at other women

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MUMBAI: Indian actor Ajay Devgn has revealed how his wife Kajol would react if he was caught staring at other women.

“Upon getting caught staring at other women, Kajol would pass a comment, which would be a joke.” Devgn told

Ajay Devgn plays a middle-aged man who is dating a girl half his age in the upcoming film De De Pyaar De. The film also stars Tabbu, who plays the role of Devgn’s ex-wife.

When asked if his wife has seen the trailer for the film, he said she has and ‘she was okay (with it).’

“She knows this is a movie and she is from the industry and is much aware of how it functions,” he said. “I have had never had that kind of a relationship as shown in the film.”

Ajay did, however, confessed to that he ‘must have felt’ attraction towards other women, but wife Kajol would pass it off with a comment.

“It’s just normal to feel,” he said. “You can’t turn around and say I never felt (that way).”