Third polio case dug out in Sindh this year

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KARACHI: A six-month-old infant has been confirmed as the third victim of polio in Sindh this year as concerned authorities enforced a nationwide campaign to eradicate the crippling disease.

Identified as the second polio victim in Karachi, an official in the Sindh health ministry confirmed from the reports they had received from the National Institute of Health, Islamabad.

The officials apprised that the infant’s family has been reluctant to vaccinate him against polio in many previous anti-polio campaigns.

“Fake propaganda against vaccination leads to misconception, and it is necessary for parents that they must not fall prey to such disinformation,” said an official of the Emergency Operations Centre (EOC) for polio in Sindh.

The family told the officials that the father carried the child for consultation with doctors at a private hospital in Gulberg. Fever was followed by weakness of both lower limbs a day later.

After preliminary investigations, stool samples of the child were sent to Islamabad that now confirmed polio infection in him.

Three polio cases have been detected from Sindh this year — two from Karachi and another from Larkana, while the total count of the polio cases is 17 across the country.