Snapchat’s gender-bending filter making big waves

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In a long-running race with micro-blogging app Instagram over camera filters, Snapchat has won back its dismantled users with the latest gender-flipping filter.

The gender-bending filter has amused many netizens out there and made many registered users head to the app store and reinstall Snapchat.

No matter how manly a face, the filter manages to drastically transform the look by softening the facial features and even give you hair!

The filter that blends a soft face with masculine features may have to work on beards as women haven’t really been getting a very handsome face. You also may not get hair like John Wick’s as the filter hides any hair down your ears.

People all over the world are finding it both outrageously hilarious and disturbing that they now literally picture themselves as the opposite sex.

Both filters, male and female, can be accessed using this method as pictured above. ~ In some parts of the world, the filter has already gotten some people in some interesting social situations.

For some, the filter has been a hilarious attempt to prank their partners into assuming they are cheating, while another user was able to secure hundreds of Tinder matches using his new face.

However, it may not necessarily make you look as pleasant or possibly better than your natural self with the filter same as of your gender. You can always try and find out!

Open Snapchat, open the camera in selfie mode and click on the filters.