PM Imran Khan uses ‘robot rats’ to spy on politicians: Nabil Gabol

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Prime Minister Imran Khan uses ‘robot rats’ to spy on politicians living in parliamentary lodges, said PPP leader Nabil Gabol, on Thursday.

It seems like Prime Minister Imran Khan is more paranoid than we think he is. Or at least, this is what PPP leader Nabil Gabol thinks.

During a current affairs show on ARY News, Nabil Gabol said that Prime Minister Imran Khan had asked the Intelligence Bureau (IB) to send ‘robot rats’ into rooms of politicians in parliamentary lodges to spy on them.

“These robotic rats can be used to hear what the politicians are saying and also see them,” he said. “Imran has them released inside rooms of politicians in parliamentary lodges. There’s a rat in Rana Sanaullah’s room as well,” he claimed.

When asked as to how he was privy to this information, Nabil Gabol said that a friend of his who was also the secretary of the national assembly, had told him.

“Khan does this so that he can know about the political activities of his opponents and what they are up to,” he said.

Naturally, other panelists including the PTI representative, laughed themselves silly at the assertion by Gabol.

Even host Waseem Badami couldn’t keep from laughing at Nabil Gabol as he seriously tried to convince everyone that his claim was based on the truth.