Online petition seeks removal of Samaa anchor for bullying Nasir Khan Jan

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ISLAMABAD: Netizens have launched an online petition, calling on Pakistan media watchdog to take action against Samaa TV anchor Muhammad Shuaeb for his “unprofessional and unethical’ conduct while interviewing social media star Nasir Khan Jan.

The petition has demanded the the anchor apologize for his behavior and face the consequences of his actions.

“The conduct of Samaa anchor Muhammad Shuaeb was unprofessional and unethical during his show on the 6th of May. He invited a social media personality Nasir Khan Jan on his show Naya Din and yelled at him, to a point where the guest was visibly hurt on national television,” the petition reads.

“It was clearly an act of bullying and such behavior should be discouraged before it becomes a trend.  Mr. Muhammad Shuaeb should apologize and face the consequences of his actions on the show which were against all journalistic codes,” it adds.

More than 11,000 people have already signed the petition that needs 15000 signatures.

There was a strong backlash on social media after a clip of the show went viral. The anchor was seen bullying and forcing his guest to admit that some of his actions promoted vulgarity.

Many activists, journalists and anchor abhorred the anchor’s handling of the show and called for the channel to train his staff.