Mueen-ul-Haq appointed as Pakistan’s ambassador to India: FM

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ISLAMABAD: Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi has said that 18 ambassadors and council general have been appointed in various Pakistan missions after approval by Prime Minister Imran Khan.

According to the FM, Naghmana Hashmi has been appointed as Ambassador in Beijing, Mueen-ul-Haq in New Delhi, and Additional Secretary Imtiaz Ahmad in Tokyo.

He said Zaheen Janjua has been deployed as Ambassador in Brussels, Belgium which is the center of European Union for Strategic Enhancement Plan.

The foreign minister said that Additional Secretary Amina Baloch has been appointed as Ambassador in Malaysia, Javed Khattak in Portugal, Saqlain Sayeda in Nairobi Kenya, Rukhsana Afzal in Singapore, Khalid Jamali in Czech Republic, Ata-ul-Munim in Algeria.

He said Imran Haider has been appointed as Ambassador in Dushanbe, Major General Abdul Aziz Tariq in Brunei and Major General Muhammad Khalid Rao in Bosnia Herzegovina.

Qureshi said Council Generals appointed include Khalid Majeen in Jaddah, Ayesha Abbas Khan in New York.

He said Muazzam is being appointed as Special Secretary of Foreign Ministry  while Ambassador in Kuwait Ghulam Dastagir will replace him in Abu Dhabi.

He said Qazi Khalilullah has played a vital role therefore he is being given extension for six months.

Shah Mahmood Qureshi expressed hope that these Ambassadors and Council Generals will play a pivotal in promoting the soft image of Pakistan and will adopt the best behavior with Pakistan community living abroad.