Meesha lied, claims Ali Zafar’s witness in court

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LAHORE: A sessions court on Saturday recorded the statement of a witness produced by Ali Zafar’s witness against Meesha Shafi.

Justice Amjad Ali Shah conducted proceedings of the case. Kinza Muneer, the witness who testified on Ali Zafar’s behalf, said that she was present at the rehearsal where Ali is accused of harassing Meesha Shafi.

According to the witness, there were 10 people during the rehearsal. She said that the concert rehearsal went on for 45 minutes.

The witness claimed that Meesha Shafi and Ali Zafar both stood within a distance of four to five feet apart from each other. She also said that the concert rehearsal was being filmed.

Kinza described Meesha’s claims as ‘lies’ and said that the songstress had hugged Ali Zafar before and after the jam session.

After the witness’ statement was recorded, the court adjourned proceedings of the case to May 18.
Earlier during the hearing, Shafi’s counsel had requested the judge to adjourn that proceedings of the suit as a case pertaining to the alleged incident is being heard in the Supreme Court. Shafi’s lawyer requested the court to wait until the top court issued an order.

Meesha Shafi had moved the apex court after her petition was rejected by the Lahore High Court. Meesha had requested Ali Zafar’s witnesses to be re-examined by her counsel on separate hearings and not on turn-by-turn basis.

Ali Zafar’s lawyer had protested the appeal today, stating that both witnesses of the singer were in court.

“The sessions judge had ordered to record witness statements today,” said Ali Zafar’s lawyer.

After listening to the two sides, the judge turned down Meesha Shafi’s request.

Meesha Shafi made headlines when she accused singer Ali Zafar of sexual harassment last year. According to Meesha, Ali had physically harassed her on more than once occasion.

Ali Zafar denied accusations and said that Meesha Shafi had lied about being harassed. He filed a defamation case against the songstress and took her to court under the Defamation Ordinance 2002.