Katrina Kaif talks about marriage, kids & item songs

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Bollywood actress Katrina Kaif recently opened up about whether or not she would like to marry, have kids and her views on item songs.

Katrina Kaif has been on a roll ever since she made her debut in Bollywood. The actress has solidified her position as one of B-town’s leading ladies.

Known for being Bollywood’s hottest ‘item girl’, Katrina Kaif recently spoke about how she felt about performing in item songs.

When asked by Arbaaz Khan on his show about whether item songs set women back a decade or not, Katrina said that it wasn’t the case.

The Bollywood diva said that dance was a big part of her life and that she considered it a form of art.

“I have a slightly different viewpoint on this, being someone for whom dance is a big part of life. I don’t view my songs as item numbers. They are not,” she said.

Katrina Kaif said that everyone has a platform nowadays to say whatever they wanted without being fact-checked or corrected.

The actress said that if a woman felt that she was being objectified in the song, she should walk away from it.

“If you, as a woman, or the actress feels for one second that you are being objectified in the song, you should not be doing it,” she said.

When Arbaaz Khan asked the actress about her marriage plans, Katrina Kaif remained evasive.
The actress said that she was taking it one day at a time and would certainly want to get married one day.

“As a person, I do believe in the institution of marriage and having kids. That I do,” said Katrina Kaif.