Imran Khan’s nephew says shots fired at him, TV anchor

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LAHORE: Prime Minister Imran Khan’s nephew Hassaan Niazi has accused a minister of PTI-led Punjab government of firing four shots at him and a Neo TV anchor during the recording of an outdoor show against land grabbing in Lahore.

Niazi alleged that the Punjab human rights minister and his son were involved in grabbing charity land meant for school.

“Today 4 fires were fired at me and the Neo tv anchor @RaisaqibKharal – and Punjab human rights provisional minister and his son in law Nauraiz were behind the firing. They are involved in land grabbing of charity school land. Shahbaz Gill, it’s shame that we (PTI) have such ministers,” Hassaan Niazi tweeted while tagging the Punjab government’s spokesman.

Niazi, who is a lawyer himself, said that he had lodged an complaint at Nishtar Colony Police Station in Lahore.

He then urged the police to act against the minister, saying no one was above the law.

“We have filed a complaint for registration of FIR in the nishter colony thana lahore and FIR has not been lodged. @Lahorepoliceops @ICT_Police is this the Naya Pakistan we were promised. You need act. No minister is above the law,” he wrote.