Imran Khan extends Ramadan greetings to the nation

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ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan yesterday forwarded all his best wishes to Pakistani nation on the moon-sighting of the holy month of Ramadan starting from today.

PM in his message to the nation said that “Allah Almighty has provided us with the ample of opportunity to be fully benefited from His blessings in this holy month of Ramadan.”

Khan said that the ultimate aim of fasting in this Holy month is undoubtedly the self transformation, purification and obedience to commandments of Allah Almighty.

PM also said that the government will ensure that there will be no breakdown of electricity, gas and water during Sehr-o-Aftar timings.

He also stated that by fasting it is revealed to us that we can help the underprivileged ones who are deprived from basic necessities due to poverty.

“This individual and collective caring sense strengthens social bonds and high moral values,” he said.

“Punctuality and regularity in Sehr-o-Aftar, prayers and refinement of character actually brought discipline in life”, PM added.

PM further said that the Ramadan Package at reasonable rates of food item had already been set for the people.

“Fasting not only teaches us the courage to counter hardship, but also vital in strengthening brotherhood, truthfulness and optimism in the society,” PM added.