IMF deal: Opposition members lashes out at government over $6bln bailout package

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KARACHI: Subsequent to the finalization of hefty bailout agreement amounting to $6 billion for a period of three years between International Monetary Fund and the government, the leaders of PML-N and PPP are simply not happy and slammed this exorbitant deal.

Opposition parties have raised serious concerns over likely hike in inflation and poor economic growth in near future due to this bailout agreement.

PML-N spokesperson Marriyum Aurangzeb on her official Twitter handle wrote ” Additional taxes of Rs1000 billion will be levied and the value of the currency will depreciate.”

“As per new conditions of IMF, inflation in country will surge, unemployment and the petrifying level of poverty will also emerge”, Marriyum added in her tweet.

Senator of Pakistan Peoples Party Sherry Rehman also wrote on her Twitter desk “The journey from #TabdeeliSarkar to #GhulamiSarkar is now complete. Other Govts ran IMF programs but nothing like the creeping coup of the economy that’s been happening since new Govt came in.”

Sherry also wrote in her tweet that “We will hang ourselves but never go to the IMF” ringing in all our ears…”

Former Federal Minister of Finance, Revenue and Economic Affairs during the rule of PML-N tenure, Miftah Ismail also slammed the government in a series of tweets agreement in a series of tweets.

The is Pakistan´s 22nd bailout with the IMF, as the country is passing through severe economic crisis most importantly the highest level of liabilities and the devastating situation of country’s balance-of-payments.