Iconic artist Jamil Naqsh passes away aged 79

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Iconic Pakistani painter Jamil Naqsh passed away in London on Thursday after he was diagnosed with “serious pneumonia” earlier this month.

Naqsh, 79, was admitted to St Mary’s Hospital on May 7 where doctors informed that he had less chances of recovery.

Jamil Naqsh emerged as a prominent artist among legendary artists like Sadequain, Bashir Mirza, Ahmed Pervez, Shahid Sajjad, Masud Kohari who contributed to Pakistani art.

He left NCA after a year to become a full-time student of dedicated miniaturist Ustad Mohammad Sharif. A year later, he moved to Karachi.

Many politicians and artists, among other fans lamented his death and extended their appreciations for his artistic contributions.

He evolved a signature style over his six-decade-long career to portray famous personalities from Islamic history, gods and goddesses from Hindu mythology, Buddhist subjects and idealised figures such as Punjabi farmers, Kashmiri peasants, etc.

Here are more from his collections: