Have no fear, Oreo biscuits being sold in Pakistan are halal

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Have no fear–Oreo biscuits being sold in Pakistan are halal.

Oreo cookies are manufactured and distributed by Continental Biscuits. The company is involved in the manufacture and distribution of a wide array of food products which are pre-eminent in the branded biscuit business both in Pakistan and abroad.

Muslims around the globe panicked when a tweet from the ‘Oreo Official’ Twitter account tweeted,”Thanks for reaching out! OREO cookies are not halal.”

Mondelez International, the company that distributes Oreo biscuits and cookies in the Gulf region, allayed Muslim consumers’ fears by stating that the biscuits sold in the Gulf region are halal.

“Our social media is outsourced and the message [tweet} came in two parts. Only one part was circulated, but the other part clarified in ‘the US and Canada’. The tweet is incorrect and has misled consumers in our part of the world. Oreo products sold in this region are halal and compliant with local laws and regulations.”