FIA arrests three more Chinese nationals suspected of fake marriages

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Three more Chinese nationals were arrested on Friday for their alleged involvement in fake marriages and human trafficking in Islamabad.

According to the FIA, the immigration cell of the agency took the Chinese into custody from Islamabad airport. The men were being accompanied by three local women, who were also arrested.

The couples were headed to China when they were stopped and arrested by FIA officials. However, the Chinese Embassy denounced media reports and claimed that Pakistani women who chose to stay in China after marriage were not being forced into prostitution.

“It is worth noting that several media reports have fabricated facts and spread rumors. According to investigations by the Ministry of Public Security of China, there is no forced prostitution or sale of human organs for those Pakistani women who stay in China after marriage with Chinese,” read the statement.

The FIA had claimed the previous day that it had taken into custody 11 Chinese nationals for allegedly forcing vulnerable Pakistani women into prostitution. The agency claimed that a transnational gang faked marriages between vulnerable Pakistani women and Chinese men, who then forced them into prostitution and forced sale of their organs.

The FIA came to know about the transnational gang when a woman in Lahore was married off to a Chinese man.

The Chinese man lied to the woman’s father about being a convert and after marriage, took the woman to China where he forced her into prostitution.

A request was sent to the Pakistan High Commission in China and the woman was repatriated to Pakistan.

She identified the men involved in the racket, who were later taken into custody by the FIA.