Faris Shafi excludes himself from Lux Style Awards

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Meesha Shafi’s younger brother Faris Shafi has also become part of the controversial boycott against Lux Style Awards.

The rapper’s song, “Clap”, featuring Talal Qureshi had been nominated for the year’s Best Song.

In a tweet, Shafi requested the LSA to remove his track from the category: “@talalqureshi and I are neither attending, nor endorsing the awards. Thank you and good night.”

In the past few weeks, many celebrities nominated for a category chose to drop out to protest against alleged harasser whose been nominated at the awards show.

However, Unilever Pakistan, which hosts the awards show, defended its decision to proceed with the remaining nominees, stating that “nominations for the Lux Style Awards are decided by an independent Jury of industry peers and critics.”