Bilawal likens PM Imran Khan to a professional beggar

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PPP Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari likened Prime Minister Imran Khan to a professional beggar, in his latest tweet, on Wednesday.

The PPP chairman was responding to a tweet from Deputy Commissioner Islamabad, who had shared that action was being taken against professional beggars in sectors F-10 and F-11.

“Action against professional beggars has started in Sector F-10 and F-11,” he tweeted.

In response, Bilawal said that if action against professional beggars was to be taken, then authorities should start with Prime Minister Imran Khan.

“Yeh ghurbat nahi ghareeb mitao hakoomat hai. Agar wakay hi professional beggars ko arrest karna hai tau Wazeer-e-Azam Select say shuru kar lay…,” he tweeted. [This government is not intent on ending poverty, but it wants to eliminate the poor. If you have to arrest professional beggars then start with the PM-select].

Opposition parties have taunted Prime Minister Imran Khan and his government by claiming that he has been begging ever since he was elected to power.

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Prime Minister Imran Khan’s government has secured loans from China and the Saudi Arabia in the recent past. The government has also reached a staff-level agreement on a $6 billion bailout package with the IMF.