Man confronts Bilawal for poor treatment facilities

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LARKANA: PPP Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari got up and left immediately after a man confronted him for poor treatment facilities at a hospital in Sindh, on Saturday.

Bilawal Bhutto Zardari visited the community screening camp of HIV patients established by Sindh Aids Control Program at Taluka Hospital Ratodero and newly established ward for children suffering from HIV.

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After his press conference, a man approached Bilawal and said that the conditions of hospitals in the Taluka Hospital were horrible.

“People don’t get treatment here at the Larkana AIDs centre,” said the man, confronting Bilawal. “Here, we have to wait for four days at a stretch for X-rays,” he added.

Bilawal tried to reason with the man but he would have none of it.

“Children die here as they are not provided treatment on time,” he said. “You are making a joke out of the public–all steps you claim to take are limited to TV only. None on the practical front,” he added.

The PPP chairman got up and left without answering the man’s questions or even listening to his problems.