9 times SAMAA Baazi NAHI le gaya…

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SAMAA TV is one of Pakistan’s most popular news channel but it certainly has an awful line-up of anchors.

Since the last couple of years, in a bid to secure ratings and beat their rivals, SAMAA TV anchors have resorted to tactics that have often resulted in backlashes on social media.

A few days ago, the channel invited social media celebrity Nasir Khan Jan on its morning show Naya Din. The co-host, Muhammad Shueb, was offensive and rude to Nasir Khan Jan. The social media celebrity kept his cool despite the offensive attitude of the SAMAA anchor.

After the incident, we decided to compile a list of the times the channel did something stupid or melodramatic on national TV. In short, our list features all the times that SAMAA TV Baazi Nahi Le Gaya…

1. The Nasir Khan Jan debacle

Watch how Muhammad Shueb, Naya Din’s co-host, tries to shame Nasir Khan Jan for recording videos in which he danced shirtless with nothing but a towel on.

“No sensible man will do this, Nasir,” yells Shueb. “Your definition of vulgarity can be different. But for me, this is plain vulgar,” he added.

Nasir Khan Jan kept his cool but social media went berserk after the transmission ended. An online petition emerged, urging PEMRA to take action against Shueb for bullying and insulting Nasir.

Shueb apologised the next day and Nasir Khan Jan forgave him. Sigh. Nasir Khan Jan came out the bigger man in the end and won over thousands of new supporters.

Way to go, SAMAA.

2. Kiran Naz ‘Chaiwala’ blunder

Kiran Naz is a sore that has festered badly on SAMAA TV over the years. In a short span of time, she has embarrassed SAMAA TV by enacting drama on national TV.

For instance, when tensions were on the rise between India and Pakistan following the Pulwama attack, the anchor started bashing Modi during a live transmission of her show 7 se 8.

Nothing wrong with that. Until she started saying ‘Chai wala Modi’ over and over again as if making and selling tea for a living is a crime or something to be ashamed of.

We don’t expect Kiran Naz to be aware of the classism that her language depicts but the higher-ups should at least take note.

3. Kiran Naz bulletproof vest episode

Oh, God. This woman is just too damn much. When a toddler was gunned down in a shootout by police, Kiran Naz took it upon herself to wear a bulletproof jacket. In SAMAA TV’s studio. To get her point across.

The histrionics obviously got a reaction on social media. Kiran Naz and the channel were bashed but I guess staying relevant is what really counts for SAMAA TV. Regardless of how much damage is inflicted on their image.

4. When she used the Zainab rape-and-murder case to secure ratings

The Zainab rape-and-murder case shook the entire country. Condemnations from across the country poured in and the issue also achieved international coverage.

Kiran Naz got her 15 minutes of fame when she went on-air with her daughter in her lap and said that she felt the pain of the child. Hence she had brought her daughter into the studio to show that she could feel the pain of Zainab’s murder as a mother.

Wow. I mean, just wow. How far can you go for ratings?

5. Using the Zainab rape-and-murder case part 2

Yup. When the murderer was caught, she started crying on TV. Sigh. When does it end with her?

6. When Kiran Aftab mistreated young doctors

Naya Din’s morning show co-host Kiran Aftab invited social media furore when she insulted young doctors who were protesting over non-payment of salaries.

Again, she and Muhammad Shueb called three young doctors who were protesting for their rights and misbehaved with them. Check out her rude tone and offensive manner of speaking.

7. Faisal Karim showing the middle finger


8. Maya Khan’s moral policing

This led her to be fired from SAMAA TV if memory serves me correct. Maya Khan went on a rampage, flashing her cameras in the face of unmarried couples spending quality time in public parks.

Imagine that. Couples minding their own business being shamed on national TV.

9. SAMAA’s #SpeakUp movement

SAMAA TV, oblivious to how sexual harassment stories should be covered, flashed the face of a Karachi University professor who was accused of sexual harassment by a few students.

Instead of hiding the professor’s name till he was not convicted (as the law states) and focusing on the issue instead, SAMAA TV went after the teacher.

So the channel set new precedents as far as covering sexual harassment stories are concerned. Any man accused of harassment will have his name and face known to the public BEFORE a trial or investigation commences.