VIDEO: Qatar sociologist teaches men how to beat their wives

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DOHA: A Qatari sociologist made headlines when he posted a YouTube video teaching men how to beat their wives.

The sociologist, Abd Al Aziz Al-Khazraj, posted the video on his personal YouTube channel.

The now-viral video is aimed to teach men ‘how to be the leader of the house by disciplining his wife.’

Watch the video here:

“Dear viewers, many people – especially people who are married – would like to know how to beat one’s wife. Is beating your wife necessary? Must a man beat his wife every day? No.”

He than goes on to talk about how the man beats his woman ‘out of love’. The beating should be light. The husband must make his wife feel the femininity and her husband’s masculinity.”

A young boy, seen in the video, helps the so-called sociologist in his demo. He slaps the boy lightly on his shoulders to demonstrate what he is saying.

“The husband must make his wife feel his strength,” he said.