US embassy rubbishes reports of building a firing range inside compound

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The United States Embassy in Islamabad said that there was no truth to reports it was building a firing range inside its compound.

In a statement released on Thursday, the embassy said that the media reports that a firing range was being built in the compound were ‘baseless and untrue’.

The US embassy said that after multiple requests from the government of Pakistan and approval from the interior ministry & other agencies, it agreed to fund the complete refurbishment of an existing firing range for the Islamabad Capital Territory Police.

The statement said that the refurbishment to the firing range was intended for the safety of the diplomats and citizens who live and work near the embassy.

The US embassy clarified that the firing range was not inside its compound but it was a Pakistani police facility located at the Diplomatic Enclave. The statement said that the government of Pakistan requested the upgrades, then vetted and approved the project in July of 2018.

In his press briefing, Spokesperson for Foreign Affairs Dr Mohammad Faisal had also clarified that the range was being built due to the request of Islamabad Capital Police.